Bennett Girls Carrying on Sculpture Tradition

 Bennett Girls Carrying on Sculpture Tradition

 ~ Carmel Arts Festival 2014 ~ Sculpture-in-the-Park Exhibition

 ~ May 15th-18th   ~ Devendorf Park   ~ Carmel-by-the-Sea

Ashley and Terrie in Devendorf Park for Art in the Park - Carmel Art Festival 2014

Ashley and Terrie in Devendorf Park for Art in the Park - Carmel Art Festival 2014

Cousins, Ashley and Terrie Bennett will be demonstrating the process of creating Bronze Sculpture in this year’s Carmel Art Festival / Sculpture-in-the-Park.  These young ladies are the daughters of world-renowned artists and twin brothers, Bob and Tom Bennett, of Bennett Sculpture.  Their talent comes from a deep gene pool and their need to sculpt is undeniable. 

Tom’s daughter, Terrie Bennett is a second-generation sculptor who has been sculpting professionally for over 30 years.  Bob’s daughter, Ashley Bennett-Stoddard, has been painting most of her young adult life and sold many of her art works in her family’s Bennett Sculpture Carmel gallery. 

Ashley has now decided to follow in the footsteps of her father and become a sculptor.  She will be releasing a series of Sculpture “Collaborations”.  To do this she will be adding to her late father’s art designs to make them her own.

Here is how Ashley Bennett-Stoddard explains her need to sculpt:

Sometimes in life, we run from things that come easiest to us, not knowing why.  I idolized my father, not because of his fame but for his brilliant mind.  I grew up watching him create his art.  Watching him get lost in emotion, a welding torch, clay, and a few tools. 

Sensing the freedom that is attached to losing your self so completely, yet giving your self up entirely selfishly and selflessly.  This all comes with that confidence that you have given a part of yourself to be judged, to be loved or to be hated, and to speak to others through your art.  This is the gift my father gave to me.

Eleven years ago my father passed away.  About four months ago he started visiting me in my dreams, telling me what to do with my paintings and pleading with me to sculpt.  I decided to go to the warehouse where his life's work is stored.  I said a prayer and had a talk with my dad, as I sat totally overwhelmed.  Feeling his presence, I became filled with emotion and excitement.  After looking over many sculpture models we had worked on together, I knew what I had to do.  I found four sculpture designs he created raw and unfinished and I knew I needed to complete them. 

The first sculptures I will be working on are part of him and will now become a part of me.  I am most excited about "Serene", a raw welded and bent armature that I am currently packing with clay. I know in my heart that she was left here for me to begin my journey into the world of sculpture.  

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